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Okay, so I know this should be about this adorable, newborn baby girl, but let me just tell you about her big brother…..he’s a charmer that one!!! While I was in their cozy home, he told me I was “Bootiful” and that he loved me. He seriously made my day!
Now on to this sweet and lovely baby girl, Rhys. I have known this family for a long time and their journey to complete their family has been one of many mountains to climb and valleys so low they weren’t sure how or if they would get through. At the end of it all there was this darling baby girl that they feel was just made for their family. Through the gift of adoption they are now complete and the love and contentment is written all over their faces. Enjoy…..

I am so, so bad at projects.  I am one of those creatives with great ideas that only gets them half way done before she starts another one….I drive myself crazy.  Then when I fail I feel so much shame for not completing the project.  Sooooo, I am attempting a 365 project but I’m keeping it very loose.  I am trying to do one creative thing per day.  That is it.  It can be a photo, a drawing, some writing….pretty much anything that gets the creative juices flowing.  I thought I would share some of the photos I have been taking around here for my 365 Project.  Did you set a creative goal for the New Year?  Would love to hear about it!!!

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